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  1. Volume 1 Issue 4 of the Real Hunter's Journal features a cover shot of Vince and two of his sons.  The shot was taken along the Delaware Bay front for the Issue 3 story, but was not used.  In the picture, from left to right is Vincent, Dominic, and Richard. The slight rise on the cover to the right of Richard is actually the temporary blind they hunt out of when on the bay front (when hunting potholes - their preferred hunt - they currently use 3 Carsten boats in their rig).  They are reviewing the outlying decoys as discussed in the article. The cover is shown below.

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  2. Volume 1 Issue 3 of the Real Hunter's Journal featured an article on Vince and his three sons hunting along the Delaware Bay.  For anyone who wants real insight into what it is like hunting with Vince and his family the way "old-timers" used to, this is a must read. It was written by a writer that spent the day hunting with Vince on one of the coldest days of last year.  The RHJ is a new web format and can be read at their sight or by downloading this magazine file and running it from your computer.  We have all read it and the file is safe. If you experience trouble reading it, it may be simpler to read it from the sight, since you do need a plug-in to view it.

  3. The September issue of Wildlife Art Magazine, currently available in Borders Books, Barnes & Noble, and bigger book stores, features an article on Vince entitled Decoys Carve Niche in Fine Art.  It was delayed from its earlier June release date. A copy will be made available if possible.

  4. Check out the October 22, 2004 edition of Nor'easter Magazine in both New Jersey and Maryland for an article containing pictures of Vince Ocean Country Decoy Show Best-of-Show Mallard Rig.

  5. An article from the December 2003 edition of Wildfowl Caving Magazine (first page intentionally blank) (PDF format)

  6. An article from the December 2003 edition of The Beacon. (PDF format)

  7. An article from the November 2003 edition of Chip Chat's Magazine. (PDF format)

  8. An article from the 2003 Tuckerton Decoy Show Magazine. (PDF format)

  9. An article on Vince by Lee Gilchrist that appeared February 25, 2003 in the Woodworker's Journal E-zine. (PDF format)

  10. A news article on Vince that appeared in the Trenton Times on December 5, 2002.

  11. A news article on Vince that appeared in the Burlington County Times on Nov 25, 2002.

  12. An Article by Kevin Riordan  about Steve Bird (a student of Vincent Giannetto III) that appeared in the Courier-Post News Paper.
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  13. An Photograph from a news paper article featuring Bob Moffit (a long-time student of Vincent Giannetto III) at the Smithville Decoy Show.
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