Animal Rockers

These rocking originals are an investment in a work of art.  They will travel well from the nursery to the den with your other family heirlooms.  Hand carved and painted, each one is uniquely different.  All rockers are shipped with the animal separate from the base, and require assembly by attaching four 4 inch screws.  These rockers are fully functional but should only be used with adult supervision.

Each animal is available with a country red or blue base, and measures approximately 39" long by 12" wide.

All rockers are priced at $395.00 per animal, and can be ordered by calling me 609-877-6233.


This lovable lab comes in either black, yellow, or brown.  It carries in its mouth a bone, newspaper or green wing teal duck. 

An example of the dog with a bone can be seen in the puppy collection.



This lovable porker comes in black and white and has relatives who came to national prominence when featured on the front cover of The Heritage Market of American Crafts.


Zoe with her favorite pet, the rocking cow.

Hopping down the bunny trail - this rabbit will make the hunt for Easter eggs an exiting trip.


This stately white rooster was featured in the December issue of Better Homes & Garden magazine. Any child would be happy to wake up with this white roosters crowing in its playroom.